Wireless Communication
During the past two decades we have installed antennas for low band, VHF, UHF, 800 MHZ and microwave frequencies. We installed and integrated satellite receiving dishes for commercial and institutional application, used GPS antennas for timing and sync pulses and engineered complete turnkey solutions. We installed towers (guyed, self-supporting and cantilever mounted); Installed below-ground antenna systems; Painted towers; And also installed tower, antennas and cables by helicopter on a mountain top in Quebec, Canada in January 1997. We are well qualified to undertake the installations of antennas, cable and lightening protection, towers, support structures, fall arrest systems and other structural steel assemblies. We have qualified riggers, a sound understanding of mechanical principles and the electronic radio communications background rarely found in this field.

We provide complete turnkey system designs, installation and commissioning of wireless infra structure from design to finish. We look after the engineering, the path calculations, get the geo-technical reports done and design and install communication towers. We look after building permits, follow up with the public consultation process as required by Industry Canada, consult with Transport Canada for your tower lighting requirements, deal with NavCan and ensure compliance with the Canada Aviation Regulations. Weather or not your system requires a high-speed point-to-point network, a distributive network to talk to multiple users or a conventional wireless communication system from Low Band to high UHF and microwave frequencies, we are the party to deal with. Our extensive experience building high-frequency links providing gigabit data throughput have a proven track record. We provide rigging services to install almost any type of antennas on towers, buildings and roof-tops or any other support structure designed for these purposes.

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