Corporate Philosophy
We honour our commitments! Our work is guaranteed. We differentiate between advertising, propaganda and misinformation.

Human rights and civil liberties should always supersede nationalism and corporate interests. We believe that fair wages  for a job well done is an entitlement of all, wherever the work takes place. As a corporation, we  try to do our part:  We pay and treat our employees well and in turn expect honesty, good work and dedication.

We are mindful of the delicate nature of our rural  environment.  We clean up our sites, avoid using toxic materials, recycle whenever possible and believe that a clean environment is a healthy environment.

We encourage our staff to be respectful of our natural world.  As temporary inhabitants, we are all  passing through while we work and live on planet Earth.  As its guardians, we try to be mindful of our environment and to treat our planet like a none-renewable resource so that many generations yet to come may inherit a healthy and sustainable global community.  We support the aspirations, philosophy and general objectives of  organizations that promote human rights and sustainable development, such as Canadian Center of Policy Alternatives, The Council of Canadians, United Nations Association of Canada, AVAAZ, Doctors without Borders, Canada GreenPeace, David Suzuki Foundation, The Ottawa Food Bank and others.  Factual information regarding world issues that address some statistics on global income, poverty, education and the distribution of wealth and power, etc. can be found at the Global Issue site of World Revolution. We also believe that Amnesty International through its Canadian branch is doing excellent work and should be supported by us all.

As you can see from the photo below, we are reminded time and again by some of our younger generation that corporate profits need to be balanced and that the single minded pursue of wealth hurts us all in the long term.  Perhaps a mixed gender workforce encompassing generations will ensure best that the thruths discovered by each generation will have the chance to flourish?

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