Special Projects
A caterpillar is pulling a 6-wheel drive concrete mixer truck up a steep hill, delivering concrete to a new tower foundation in northern Ontario during late November.
The Search for Renewable Energy During The First Decade In 2000

Wind energy was identified as one of the renewable energy resources that could be used to drive wind generators, providing ongoing supply of environmentally friendly generated electricity that could then be fed back into the electrical grid. In order to determine the feasibility of large-scale wind farm developments that could cost many millions of dollars, reliable wind-speed data at various elevations at potential sites would have to be obtained over a period of years. The data collected could then be used to evaluate the economic feasibility of such developments. Our company has been involved in a number of these projects and has provided expertise during the preliminary stages to ensure reliable data collection to assess wind-speeds, wind gusts, directional flow, etc. We have installed towers at various locations, installed booms and also installed measuring equipment at different elevations on towers so that the obtained wind data could thereby be used to determine the rate of air flow, wind pressure, etc. at different elevations on the towers. The photographs below illustrate the various stages of one of the communication towers used for wind-speed data evaluation.

A boom in wireless high-speed Internet access and wireless digital data transmissions was responsible for some of the unprecedented demand we experienced for microwave antenna and tower installations as well as for data transmitting systems in the high UHF band and in the microwave spectrum. This in turn led to some new designs for non-penetrating roof-top friction mounts for microwave antennas in the 2.4 GHZ range, 5.6-5.8 GHZ range and higher. Depending on the roof construction and space available, these new friction mounts were able to support towers to 30 feet and higher without roof-top penetration and offered a cost-effective alternative to an otherwise costly installation. Our friction mounts are designed for modular assembly and can be easily moved and transported to new locations.

It has become more difficult to erect communication towers in urban areas. This is because the continued demand for wireless communication has created a proliferation of towers in our cities. Community groups and special interest groups are now lobbying their elected representatives to prevent new towers from being installed. This in turn has generated a renewed interest to co-locate on existing towers with other service providers.

You can now contract us to find you an existing tower, structure or building on which to co-locate your antennas, and we can also implement a site-rental agreement for you. We will lobby on your behalf, contacting Municipal councils, Planning Departments and special interest groups, apply for Site Plan amendments and represent your interest at hearings and committee meetings to facilitate the installation of new communication towers. Contact us at info@alpha-beta.ca for a site rental agreement at a location suitable for your communication requirements.

We are also able to look after your broadcast licenses, obtain all necessary permits and install your towers, waveguides, antennas and transmitters/receivers or repeaters. For more information on these or other services, please contact us by phone at (613) 596-5880, by facsimile at (613) 596-3019 or via e-mail.
Left: Tower sections ready for installation
Right: Air-trac equipment drilling 20 ft holes into bed rock for guy anchor attachment
Left: Installed rock anchors complete with grout plates
Right: Completed anchor installation with fish-plate
Left:  A completed 240 ft guyed tower installed in northern Ontario ready for the attachments of multiple anemometers, weathervanes and other weather measuring instruments at multiple elevations.

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