Tower Lights and Beacons
Installation, removal and retrofitting of/from incandescant Tower Lights and Beacons to LED technology.  Saving up to 90% on electricity.

Most existing tower lighting systems can be retrofitted if still in good condition.  Typically, LED tower lights are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years, eliminating the yearly relamping cost.
Left: The older, red flashing beacons used 2 lamps inside, each rated at 620 Watts.  Assuming a 50% duty cycle, one red flashing beacon would use 5,298 KWH of electricity/year at a cost of $582.73 based on $0.11/KWH.

Right: LED medium intensity red beacons at 20 flashes/minute would use 3.3 Watts/hour or 28 KWH of electricity/year at a cost of $3.10.
Dual Obstruction Lights (DOL) typically use incandescent lamps rated at 116 Watts each.  Annual power consumption for each DOL is 1,982.2 KWH at $0.11/KWH or $218/year.
LED dual Obstruction Lights (DOL) typically use 7 Watts/hour.  Annual power consumption for each DOL is 59.8 KWH at $0.11/KWH or $6.58/year.
Old flashing beacon and strobe light
Damaged white strobe and damaged old style globe

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