Summer Student Program
Employment Opportunities for Summer Students

In order to help students gain experience in wireless communications, we initiated our summer employment program for students. The erection of communication towers, installation of microwave antennas, wave guides and other infra structure work is typically done by men but as we learned, women too can hold their own in this male dominated industry. During the first summer of our program, the female summer student learned to climb towers, operated the capstan winch, reinforced towers, installed wave guides and transmission lines, installed connectors, replaced tower lights, learned about different types of electromagnetic radiation levels and relevant details about Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Other skills such as the maintenance and painting of communication shelters, checking tower top amplifiers, checking for water in connectors and other field related work were also acquired.
Monica Walke, a science student from the university of Guelph helped to strengthen a 300 ft tower in eastern Ontario. Photo on the far right show Ms. Walke and another rigger being hoisted by crane. The basket enabled the riggers to reach Tower Top Amplifiers (TTAs) on a monopole tower that would be otherwise very difficult to access.
Kyla Kassotis was a 2nd year student from Carleton University.
Kyla worked for us during 2 summers and learned to operate the capstan winch, hoisting material up towers,
helped with tag-lines, assembled and disassembled communication
towers, installed connectors on transmission lines, assembled microwave antennas and assisted with the regular day-to-day operation of ground crews in the field.
We hired Virginia Reebs as our summer student for June, July and August the following year. Virginia was a first year student at the University of Toronto, studying Political Science. Virginia had previous summer jobs in construction related areas, demonstrated good mechanical aptitude, was comfortable working at heights and quickly adopted to a working environment of long days, remote locations engaging in a variety of different tasks.
Left: Virginia Reebs painting an AM tower and working at heights.

Right: On a ladder  hoisting antennas and mast to the top of the tower for installation, using a Capstan winch.
Repairing strobe lights...
Left: Kyla using a Mag-Drill at a CBC site in Cornwall, Ontario to modify a anti-climb shield preventing unauthorized access to the communication tower.

Right: Virginia on top of a water tower checking and repairing  problems with a CAT5 cable interface with an ODU used for high-speed wireless data transmission.
Stephan Walke had just finished high school and joined us from Paisley for the summer before going off in the fall to spend a year in different parts of Canada working in the Katimavik program. While working for Alpha-Beta, Stephan learned how to build tower foundations,
install rebar, how to install rock anchors, assemble  communication towers, climb towers and study the various requirements of the Canada Labour Code, Part II pertaining to working at heights. Stephan also learned to appreciate a nap on the way home after a 14 hour day in the field.
Stephan returned to work for us taking a break from his biology study at Memorial University, Cornerbrook campus in Newfoundland.  Installation of transmission lines, installation of cable grounding kits, hoisting and other tower related ground and rigging work.
Tessa MacNeil, a 4th year student from Dalhousie University in Halifax, joined our field team during the  summer and assisted with site inspections across Canada.  Here at various sites in northern Manitoba.

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