Tower Inspections
Our tower inspections are done in accordance with CSA-S37-13 recommendations and include, but are not limited to:
  1. Verticallity, straightness and twist of tower;
  2. Guy tension;
  3. Visual examination of tower members and connections;
  4. Visual examination of ladders, grating and handrails;
  5. Visual examination of safety rail or safety cable and connections;
  6. Visual examination of guy strands, turn buckles, shackles, thimbles, anchor shafts, and related hardware;
  7. Visual examination of antennas antenna mounting brackets, ice shields and other appurtenances fastened to the tower;
  8. Transmission lines and mounting brackets/clamps;
  9. Visual examination of grounding;
  10. Insulators;
  11. Visual examination of tower lights, beacons and strobes;
  12. Electrical installation;
  13. Visual examination of paint and rust;
  14. Visual examination of concrete foundation;
  15. Visual examination of wave guide bridge, support masts and cable entrance ports;
All our comprehensive Tower Inspection Reports (TIR) come complete with high resolution photographs and recommendations.
Tower Inspections on various towers

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