Camera Monopole Towers
We design, manufacture, service and install custom  built camera monopole towers for surveillance and security applications.  Our camera support structures are for field installation, for roof top assembly, wall mount and any other installation required for conventional or site-specific needs.  Our camera towers and masts are welded to CWB specifications, are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication and are built to meet your specific requirements.
Typical applications include perimeter surveillance for correctional institutions, nuclear facilities, parking lots, shopping centers,  malls and any areas or complexes where security is of vital importance.

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Left: Manufacturing of 24 ft monopole
Right: Building camera support arms
Left: Crating monopoles for distribution
Right: Side arms for cameras
Left: Installation of climbing rungs
Right: Crating monopoles for distribution
Left: Crated for transport
Right: Sending shipment to client

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