We install antennas for trunking, cellular telephony, microwave links, VHF and UHF links, paging, GPS systems, Low Band long distance communication as well as underground and parking garage applications. We sell, service, and install antennas for radio broadcasters. We install tracking antennas, antennas used by cable TV companies, and antennas used by TV broadcasters. Many of our clients are RCC's that utilize the VHF/UHF spectrum predominantly and require antennas in those frequency bands. We install antennas for microwave and point-to-point applications, for high-speed voice and data and for broadband video applications, including LASER transceivers for atmospheric measuring systems. We service the telecommunication industry, broadcasters, emergency service providers, the private sector and governments.  For information on these and other services, please contact our office.
The roof-top antenna farm at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. Installed to assist with classroom instructions by exposing Electronics Technicians and Technologists to hands-on experience in an learning environment. The antenna farm consists of TV multiband antenna, Low Band Amateur boom, amateur omni, 2 x satellite TV receiving dishes, 2.4 GHZ microwave antenna, 5.8 GHZ microwave antenna, WiMax and also a Marine Radar system. Most antennas can be rotated electrically from within the classroom and are visually observed via a roof-top mounted camera.
Left: The assembly of 2 x  high-performance 6 ft microwave antennas designed to transceive at 11 GHZ.
Right: Transport of microwave antennas to the tower site
Left: Microwave Antennas
Right: VHF Yagi
Left: Multiple Omnis
Right: Preassembled FM Broadcast Bays
Left: High UHF Paraflector
Right: Multiple Folded Dipoless
Left: Flat Panel
Right: Sectors
Left: Iced-up STL Grid
Right: Low Band Boom
Left: Circularly Polarized FM Bays
Right: 3-Bay FM Broadcast Antenna
Left: Microwave Antenna

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