Tower Removal
Restoration of communication site, including the removal of communication shelter and the removal of a 300 ft guyed tower with a face-width of 30 " in Quebec.  This tower was built of 25 ft all-weld sections, initially installed in the early sixties and located in a park on top of a hill.  What complicated the removal was the proximity of high-voltage power lines within 15 ft of the tower.  This prevented the use of  using the gin-pole method for decommissioning the tower.  A crane had to be deployed while the power lines were deactivated.
A 400 tonne crane, supplied by Grue Gendron of Montreal first had to make it up a steep hill before it could be assembled by a second crane
The tower was guyed at three elevations and was subsequently removed in three lifts leaving the guys attached
The power lines running past the tower had been turned off and back-up generator power had to be provided to an adjacent broadcasting tower to keep the Radio/TV stations on air while the 300 ft tower was being taken down.  It took 4 hours to decommission the tower once the crane was assembled.
Removal of a Low-Band tower from a roof-top
The tower removal in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia was more complicated because of cars parked in the parking lot where the tower was located.  Two cranes were used to lift the tower, to transport it 30 ft and then to place it horizontally on the ground between parked cars
Elevated guy anchor to enable vehicular traffic below.  Guys are terminated approximately 18 ft above grade to enable clearance for trucks passing below.

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