We design, engineer, manufacture and install your special antenna and tower support structures, antenna mounts, cable bridges, ice shields and special mounting hardware. We build cable trays and antenna tripods/platforms for gravity mounted and friction fitted installations. We fabricate custom designed anchors for roof-mounted towers, transmission line support posts and wave guide bridges, build pinwheel assemblies and we can meet most of your installation and design requirements. We build CCTV camera mount monopoles for industrial, commercial and government security applications. We design and fabricate steel frames for solar panel installation for roof, wall or field installations. Our welded steel assemblies conform to CWB approved procedures, are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication, meet code requirement and are designed to deliver many years of reliable service
This particular unit was deployed near Woodstock in south-western Ontario to measure the powder particles from an industrial plant to ascertain if the wind-blown pollutants would cause negative effects on the soil of the agricultural land surrounding the site.

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