Communication Towers
Communication Towers in general are towers, monopoles or tall antenna support structures designed to fascillite the transmission of radio frequencies.  Broadcasting Towers are typically designed for the installation of antenna arrays for high power transmission of radio/TV signals while Communication Microwave Towers are designed to support large microwave antennas, dishes and panels.  Since Microwave Towers are often used for the Point-to-Point transmission of microwave signals with very narrow beamwidth, these towers have to be very rigid with little or no horizontal twist.

AM or MF Towers are typicaly tall, lattice type towers that act as antennas mounted on insulators transmitting high amplitude modulated power.  These are almost exclusively used by AM broadcasters and for some military application. We sell, service and install all of these towers.

There are various processes that have to be followed before permission might be given by regulators and Land-use Autorities for the installation of communication towers.  For more information, please go to CWTA.

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