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We sell, install and maintain Communication Towers, Fall Protection and Antenna Systems.  We are experts in the wireless communication industry and have specialized in infrastructure and wireless network designs.

We do tower inspections, provide complete site development, provide consulting services and teach training courses in Fall Protection, Lightning Protection, Site Grounding, Working at Heights, Health Canada Safety Code 6 and others.

Helicopter Tower Installation, Quebec, Canada during the winter of 1997
Helicopter Tower Installation, Quebec, Canada during the winter of 1997
Our Services
Wireless Infrastructure Development

  • Complete turn-key integration for wireless communication systems from Low Band frequencies to Microwave frequencies.
  • Communication site development 
  • Design and installation of large wide-area networks
  • Handling of permits, approvals and zoning changes
  • Installation of communication, microwave, broadcasting towers, and other steel structures including antennas, transmission lines, waveguides and other appurtenances for towers and roof-tops
  • Design, manufacture, install and service surveillance support structures for security applications as in camera towers and monopoles in high-security installations
Consulting & Education

  • Wireless microwave network designs
  • High-speed signal propagation studies
  • Path calculations and link evaluations
  • Lightning protection and tower grounding systems
  • Site evaluations and acquisitions
  • Fall-arrest and accident investigations
  • Tower site development analysis and consultation
  • Tower Inspections
  • Tower Loading Analyses
Glide-Path tower installation and painting in Fort Nelson, B.C.

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